April 18, 2016

What is a decent amount to spend on one child for school clothes?

I have to go soon. Just was wondering what is the average spent on a child. For an 8 yr old boy by the way.


julia k

i think it should be around 5-10 shirts and 3-5 pants and 3-4 sweaters. so im guessing around $150 for the whole year.

celestina a

well the best choles so they can look good and if i were you i would spend about $300…


it really depends on how much you have to spend on him… but I’m thinking 150 to 200 is cool for an 8 yr old


well i have a 12 year old brother but it dependsfor the whole year @ least 300… as they get older give them a budget…well that’s wut my mom doesbut if you want winter stuff it’s more expensive


um… depends on like how much yur willing to sepned… like i would nvr pay more that 17 for jeans, n 13 for a shirt… maybe a lil more for fancy clothes… but i wouldnt spend more than 175… or even less WIHTOUHT shoes…


I would think, for a boy, it’s gunna be cheaper, umm maybe $125-150


I have a two year and I spend about $400 dollars on clothes . That seem to be enough to get us though a season. I have to have a lot of extract clothes because he always seem to get into something that gets him dirty. I hope this figure helps with your back to school shopping.

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