April 18, 2016

What in the world would be the reason for putting a ring in your tongue?

My neice did it and all she did is play with it like it was uncomfortable, besides I fail to see any beauty in it! I am just curious why people do it!


Kerry N

Some people do it for sexually pleasure , but i would do it for me cuz i like to try new things


so you can chip your teeth and talk funny.

Wes and Mindy


Poor GIrl

So that you can get food caught in it then kiss you boyfriend and gross him out when it falls out and he swallows it- honesly yah ur right they’re gross and not good for your mouth or other ppls

Susanna B

oral sex, sorry but that is one of the reasons people put tongue rings in.

Kristyn L

The same reason Hippies grew their hair long in the 60s. It totally turned their authority figures off. Another example is tattoos. The military does not allow tatoo’s on the neck.


The same reason that they put holes and jewelry anywhere else on their body: to stand out and have something unique about them. Tonuge piercings also aid in giving oral sex. If she’s under 18, maybe you should ask whichever parent signed the consent form for her what their motivations were for allowing it.

Danielle G

It started as a way to lose weight (Janet Jackson and Malcolm Jamal Warner were the first celebrities) and then it just turned into a fad. It makes no sense to me, but the good part is that when it’s removed it heals almost completely. Hopefully your neice will come to her senses soon.


oral sex is one reason , i am not saying that thats what she got if for though, plus it’s kinda a fashion statement


Some people have more money than good sense.


DON’T GET IT TWISTED I have mines because I liked it & I’m a tease. DON’T BE STUPID saying everyone who has a tongue ring gives oral sex is like saying everyone with a sports car drives fast. Somethings just like nice.


there DUMB!!!!

Mahmood the king

that is the new thing these days it is really cute and NOTbeautiful kids luv piercing there tounge!

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