April 18, 2016

What are some ways to make my pants tighter?

I have some jeans that are moderately tight that I would like tighter. I have had them each for at least a few months, and do not want to cut and sew them back up. Are there any ways to get them tigher, certain ways to wash them? I heard taking a hot bath with them on is a good way to get them tighter, but I’m not sure if it’l work. Please help. Thanks.I’m not going to gain weight for it, and I’m perfectly aware hot water does it.I’m looking to get it tighter around the leg area, not the thighs or waist.



Wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat.

Krystal A

Wash on the hotest setting and dry on the hotest setting!

Thumbs Up

!~ put it in the dryer ~! *shrink*


Wash them with hot water


start eating


Wash them in hot water.

Kris M

Eat more milkshakes


Put them in the dryer for along time on high heat.

Bob T

Umm… wait till your size changes….


Well putting them in a really hot dryer might be a way, or gain some weight.. lol

Master U

Gain weight.


Wash them in warm water…. and dry them extra long even when theyre dry, dry, keep them in the dryer…The fibers will draw together making them tighter


gain weight

The Junglemouse

get pants that fit better


Hmmm, Gaining weight should work.


eat a lot of tomatoe paste with chocolate in it.. it is so gross that they will be so ridiculously small you need to get the smallest size available.


I heard that if you wash jeans in hot water with like a whole bottle of vinegar and then dry them on hot it will shrink them. The vinegar won’t smell – the heat evaporates it.

Susanna B

wash them in warm/hot water, and when you dry them in the machine, dry them for an extra long time

Dan H

Well probally the best thing to do is wash them in hot water or it could be that ur hip area is to big so maybe you coul work ur abs and then they won’t feel as loose as always!!!


Eat more fatty foods…pull the up around your waist and use a belt


was in hot water and dry on the hottest heat level.


just take ’em to a dry-cleaner or a clothes place or just get creative and sew ’em yourself!!

Amber S

Eat like Eliot


buy new pants that are a size smaller


replace two meals with four big macs then drink a slim fast

Lady K

bigger thign or butt=gain some weightif you don’t like that buy some smaller jeans.


Wash your jeans in cold water, it makes them shrink.

Lady America

if you put the jeans in hott water for mabey 10-15 seconds then putt it back to warm/cold (or however u normally wash ur pants). then put ONLY the JEANS in the dryer for about two rounds it makes them tighter. also if u do this regularly it will make them tighter too!

Melissa 0235

drink lots and lots and lots of beeeeeeeer!


next time you wear your pants, wrap yourself up in duct tape that’s put on tight enough to squeeze your legs and bute to the bone.

Laura P

wash them in hot water or just wear a belt with it


when u wash jeans it will be tighter but after u wear it again it will come back to its original size so u have only 2 choice ,,,,, incrase your weight or cut an sew

Julie A

There are two ways 1.Pull your belt tighter 2 put them in the dryer on high heat 2 time and that should do the job thats what I did.

Megan M

Forget about the hot bath. Someone was trying to see how gullible you are. Just wash the jeans in HOT water. You can even go turn up the dial on your water heater, give it at least an hour to heat, then wash your jeans on the hot setting of your washer, last but not least, dry them on the high heat setting of your dryer. If this does not produce the effects that you want, don’t rule out having them tailored. A good tailor can make a good pair of jeans a PERFECT pair of jeans by designing them to fit you and not the masses.


Simple, gain weight!

Awesome Kai

I know you are probably not looking to buy new clothes….but I have found that H & M have a great fit…they tend to run a little tighter in the butt and around the legs…I think it is the European styling…Hope this helps a little

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