April 18, 2016

What age is the right time to start shaving?

I’ve gotten a good amount of facial hair at the age of 13 (not a complete moustache or a beard, but a decent quantity of noticable whickers). I’d like to be clean-shaven, but my dad tells me not to shave until I’m older because the hair will grow a lot faster then. Is he right or wrong?


Jaime B8770

I’ve heard a lot of people say what your dad says but I’ve also heard that there’s no truth to it. People start growing facial hair at different ages and I think that if you will feel better when you shave, do it.To keep your dad happy, tell him you’ll only shave once every two weeks or something like that.


not really. its more of a superstition. But when you start, you don’t stop.

M go blue crazy

He’s right,it’ll actually grow thicker too,just like when I shave my legs.


Whenever you grow the right amount of hait. depending on how noticable it is


When your facial hair makes you look like a wet dog and you’re uncomfortable with it lol


When you have whiskers you need to start shaving. You might not need to shave every day yet, but don’t get that scruffy look. It’s really stupid looking to have three or four long hairs hanging off your chin. Shaving doesn’t make the hairs grow in, hormones do.

Steve B

wait til it really shows…..coz the more u shave the more u will have to in da future…


i think that you should start shaving when you feel that youre ready but your dad is telling the thruth that if you start shaving then your hairs will only get much darker and grow faster. and my opinion would be that you dont shave


nah, if uve only got a little dont bother ull b fine ull be fine ull b fine lol


If you have facial hair, and you want to be clean shaven, shave! who cares about what other ppl say. The hair is going to grow in eventually wheater it grows in thick now or later.


Maybe your Dad is right (they usally are, you know?). I think you need to wait a little longer, because once you start shaving, it’s gonna be a life-long ordeal. Enjoy!


You should shave. You know that character on TV or in a teen movie, the one with the half-mustache/beard fuzzy thing that just looks bad? The really, really dorky guy? Right now you are that guy. Buy yourself a razor and just do it.

Unexperienced Teen

hair is going to grow regardless of what age you are.

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