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What is the best way to let short, thick, and coarse hair grow out?

I am 43 years old, with very short black and a splash of gray throughout my hair. It’s very thick and coarse. What is the recommendation for letting it grow out a bit without looking like a chia pet?

How and where do you find a really good and supportive nursing bra?

The ones at Motherhood Maternity and WalMart break in really fast for me.

How can i get rid ingrown hairs on my legs?

I have these red bumps on my legs, mainly my ankles. I think they’re ingrown hairs, or so i’ve read. It feels like i have chicken pox and i really want to have clear skin before summer comes. What type of otc creams can i use? What can i do to prevent them from occurring?…

How can I get my hair and nails to grow faster?

I used to have long hair down the middle of my back and cut if short for work, and it is taking TOO long to grow back out, also stopped biting my nails and they’re taking too long to grow back out. I’m nursing an 8 month old, is there anything I can safely take?

How can I make my curly hair look better?

I have curly hair and it is so perfect after I go to the salon so does anyone have any tips on making defined curls and keeping it curly from root to tip instead of getting somewhat straight at the top.

How much would a pair of Coach sunglasses cost at an outlet store?

I wanted to save up for a pair for summer, so I went on the official website for Coach to see the price, and they’re all almost 200 bucks =/ Does anyone know a pretty accurate estimate of what they’d cost at an outlet mall?

How do I go about getting a massage therapy license to work in Yosemite National Park?

Just because I know licensing in California is by city or by county. I checked the county website and there is zero information there.

What to do when acrylic nails start to grow out?

i recently got my nails done for the first time,she did the fake white tips and clear for the rest of my nail using some sort of powder. my question is what do i do when they start growing out? will i have to go to a professional? will it cost?

How can I keep my clip in hair extensions in on roller coasters?

Im going to an amusement park with my friends and I wanna wear my clip in extensions. We will be going on rides and roller coasters. How can I make my clip in’s more stable so they don’t fly off?

How do Japanese women do their hair in the traditional styles?

I’m looking for a guide to how to put my hair up like Sei in Kaze Hikaru or something similar for a cosplay. (I perfer one with pictures)These hairstyles are usually worn with Kimono. Sorry I don’t have a link to a pic.okay I found a pic