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How long do skin lighteners take to work?

I have been using an over-the-counter skin lightener for about a week. At first, I thought I noticed results, but now my skin looks the same as before and the red spots are just as noticeable.It would be great to leave the house without putting on makeup.

Any tips on making your hair grow faster?

Besides hair extensions which does’nt really make the hair grow and rogain. Any other suggestions? Please let me know. Thanks!

How long do your nails need to be to get a manicure?

My nails are not very long as I just quit biting them, but they have deffinatley grown. DO they have to be a certain length or does it matter?

What is a good price to pay for lip gloss and other make-up items?

I am going shopping tomorrow and just wondering how much is the average price to pay for these items because i think i always spend too much! Also, how much is a good price to pay for a hollister tee for my sister?

How to make highlights last longer in blonde hair?

I just got highlights a few days ago, and I’m afraid that they are already fading. I have blond hair and I got red color highlights if that makes a difference. Is there any way to make them last longer?

How do you straighten thick hair without using a flat iron?

I have REALLY thick hair.I always were it up because its so thickbut…I want to wear it down, its not curly, barley even wavy, just a tiny bit of waves at the endBecause of that my mom refuses me to buy me a flat iron, and don’t tel me to just take a shower please…

How do I make natural looking waves on straight hair?

Okay, so I have really straight natural hairI try rollers; they work at times but sometimes they stick out in all the wrong placesPlus I dont wanna use heat cause i heard it frizzes my hair which I really hate.Thanks a bunch~.

How much should I charge for a tattoo design?

I’m drawing a commissioned full-back set of angel wings for my friend’s friend, and I have no idea of what to charge. I’m always terrible at figuring out prices for artwork. Can anyone help?

What are the most effective and affordable ways to remove scars and stretch marks?

I gained a lotta weight FAST while I was sick and had to drop weight lifting at the same time, in result I have stretch marks in every direction on my body. I’m gradually losing the weight and regaining some muscle but I need help with the marks. I’m 20 now and because I was…

How to get rid of dark patches on cheeks?

Hi, I’m a Black, dark-skinned, 20 year old female, and I have these weird black patches on my cheeks that seem to be getting darker with each passing month. I was wondering how I could lighten/get rid of the patches? I’ve tried Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream, but it’s too greasy and makes me…