April 18, 2016

Is there really a way to get rid of stretch marks?

I have some stretch marks on my thighs. Is there any real way to get rid of or fade them?


Great Dane Lady3648

do what stretch armstrong did buy a rack and get into it and have you friends spin da wheel for ya that ill get rid of them for ya trust me it works : )


I don’t think so, but try cocoa butter, the real stuff, not a lotion containing it.


i can fade them with cocoa butter, this cream for pregnancy, but u cant get rid of them just with x rays…


Really no if they are old they are with you til you die!! If you have fresh ones you can put cream on them to have them fade but if they are old they are permanent.

Alyssa J

Not to my knowledge. Many products will promise to remove them, all you can really do is mask it with a skin lightener. Its one of those things that are preventable, but not reversible.


When I was pregnant I used Palmers Cocoa Butter and didnt get any stretch marks on my stomach. You could try using that to make them fade, but I think it mostly depends on you and how often you use the lotion. I put it on everyday before I started showing about two times a day for about 5 months. It takes time for the marks to fade.


Yes!! Try cocoa butter lotion and/or vitamin E lotion. Good luck!


Cocca Butter is supposed to make them less noticeable but theres no actual cure for them….sorribut good luck

Josh the Alien

you can shrink them and make them fade there is a product available at Wal-mart etc. I believe it is called Vita-K and it is supposed to fade the appearance of stretch marks i am unaware of any topical creams that would eliminate the completly perhaps consult a dermatologist about medicated creams or procedures.

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