April 18, 2016

How much money have you spent on makeup in the last 12 months?

I’ve calcuated and i realise that I have spent $3500 on makeup in just ONE year. And i’m planning on spending way more. What about you?My fave brands are stila, Nars and MAC. But I also use Bobbi Brown, Dior, Du Wop, Benefit, Lancome, Chanel etc.



Wow. Maybe $500 for me.

Chris O6336

I only spend $1000/year but I only get dressed up on the weekends. I suggest the same. Be a man from Monday to Friday and a woman on the weekends. It’s cheaper and you get more pay for the same work statistically!


omg lol,, ive spent like £100 in the last month, wouldnt have a clue about the year though, now thats some serious working out to do lol.


I can honestly say I’ve spent nothing – I became an Avon consuultant a year ago and so I get my makeup, toiltries and other items from my profits. The good thing is that if I’m a bit short of making a profit level, ordering the extra stuff can actually make my order cost me less and give me more profit. I love the stuff! If you are spending that much on makeup, maybe you should look into selling it with Avon or another company so you can cover your costs. If you work in an office, you could just take catalogues in and watch it sell itself.


None. I’m allergic to make-up.It either burns my skin, makes my eyes swell up so I can’t see out of them, make my nose run continuously or typically, all 3 at once


About $500What kind of makeup do you wear?I get mine at cost, but if you wear those brands I can easily see someone spending a ton of money on makeup. You have to wear a makeup that feels and looks good on your skin and doesn’t make you breakout and Good makeup isn’t cheap!

Ace Ventura Pet Photographer

I’m more of a hair product junkie, myself! But I probably spend around 600 bucks a year!


I would say about 600 or so.


$30. How do you people spend that much in makeup? (No offense though).


That’s way too much money to spend on makeup in a year, or at all really. If I were to pay retail for the makeup that I use it would be about $450.00 because I get a new color look every season. Try to find one brand that you really like and isn’t too expensive. MARY KAY is an excellent choice. It’s not cheap but it’s not extremely high-priced either.

Ashley M

That is why you spent so much. I spend maybe 200 all year at the most. Try cheaper versions of your faves. Your pocket will thank you.


I usually spend about 6000 dollars on make-up a year and i have to because i am in the modeling business and there are some shoots that i have to do my own make-up. so i have to have alot of varieties of different types of make-up. So thats usual for me.


i spend money on only the basic stuff…. i get most of my other needs for free!!!(no i dont steal them)

Ashley C


Caf Mocha Valencia

about $100…

Herding Dog Momma

I think of make up like I do Clothes I don’t want to wear the same jeans and shirt that I wore yesterday. I am not going to wear the same eye shadow and lip color either! I spend about 1000$, once you get your collection you only really need to update it when the new colors come out!

Ashley C

I only spend about $20 a year on makeup. I buy mascara and foundation twice a year, and chapstick once, and I try to make it last. I wish I had that much money to spend on makeup though.




I’ve spent about $15…but thats only because I had a dance performance and had to wear makeup. Now I somtimes put on eyes liner or mascara…but not eye shadow or anything.Maybe even less…


SOOOOOOOOOOO Why do you want to know.?

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