April 18, 2016

How do I keep my skin smooth and beautiful?

I need to know how to keep my skin healthy and smooth and beautiful. I am more of a light brown and I would really love for my skin to glow! I do have a bit of acne now and then on my face and would really love to make it all go away and have the beautiful skin that I have always wanted. If anybody knows what I am saying, please help me be more beautiful than I am!



drink 4 litrs of water….dont keep touching your skin with your palm…cause lot of infection comes from there….wash your face ….dont use lot of face wash…herbal soap would be ok….lastly dont go out in sun without protection….dont use lot of cosmetics

I Love Lucy

1st of all remove dead skin by any scrub( use soft scrub) if its 1st time and then use moisturizer . u can go for face pack or home packs of multani mitti, honey and sandalwood


just take good care of it. clean, use a good soap, exfoliate, drink lots of water, and take the right vitamins that contribute to healthy skin. dont forget to moisturize with a good lotion. get a good scrub once in awhile.


1. Drink lots of water- this keeps your skin hydrated and will help you to acheive the glowing effect you are going for2. Wash your face twice a day with an antibacterial soap like Dial or Safeguard. I SWEAR by this!!! It cleans all the bacteria off your face that cause acne…3. The soap can dry your skin out, so be sure to use a good moisterizer. I like to use plain Vitamen E cream. This will also help to prevent wrinkles and is an excellent source of moisture but wont clog your pores.4. Be sure to use a face sunscreen when you will be outside. You do not want your face to look like a football. 5. If you do get a blemish, do not pick at it- you could scar your skin. Just leave it alone and dab on some alcohol or witch hazel to the area only. 6. Wear makeup as little as possible. When you get your skin looking nice- you wont need much anyway!!!


Apart from intake of necessary fruits, vegetables, nuts and water, AVOID ALL KINDS OF MAKE-UP ITEMS INCLUDING SOAPS (but use only the transparent PEARS soap). Try this way and you will see the difference and save money too……….. Looks terrible to avoid all kinds of make-up items? Experiement for a couple of weeks at least – Good Luck

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