April 18, 2016

How can I get rid of redness on my face from acne?

I know picking at pimples is bad, but I can’t seem to help it. Everytime I pick at one, it leaves a red mark on my face that is very noticeable even with makeup on. If I can’t stop picking them, how can I at least make the redness go away?


I love the flipflops

proactive is the best!


visine, or even a little dab of hemorroid cream (the cream..not the ointment)


Well, of course picking at them is not good because it can lead to scaring. I would use Mary Kay’s Blemish Control Toner, and Acne Treatment Gel, along with a cleanser and moisturizer. I did and my face is so clear now! Email me for more information! Also using a MK foundation covered up the redness in my skin when I did have acne!


Asprin Mask!I swear by it.You take about 4 aspirin and mix it with aloe gel.You simply take the aspirin,and put just a bit of hot, hot water on them..wait till they get puffy looking, then add just a dollop of gel in their and put it on your face.


Depends on if you made it infected or not. The perscription Retin-A tends to help heal the blemish faster, and thus the redness disappear faster. Witch Hazel also does a good job. They create makeup that has blue tones in it to conteract the appearance of redness. Johnson and Johnson has this light blue powder that kinda works.But sometimes not all redness goes away. I have spots I’ve had for years. Number one goal: Stop Picking! I had to make a conscious mental action that every time i wanted to pick, i would make my hands do something else.


Try applying Virgin Coconut Oil or Goat’s milk soap

Becky A

Apply some ice immediately after you pick an acne and it starts bleeding. Never go in sun without sunscreen. Steroid ointments like sofradex might help to reduce the redness, but use them sparingly.


Address the acne and fight it inside out. Proper nutrition and age-correct supplements is where skin estheticians will start out. Then get on a good cleansing system that is pH correct (better than pH balanced), so not to strip the skin of it’s natural protective acid mantle. Eliminate product fillers such as chemical dyes, fragrances, etc that are irritants to the skin. To promote cell turnover and healthy skin beneath, use a papaya enzyme masque which will help to dissolve dead skin cells and act similar to a chemical peel, safely and affordably. Serums also will help work to dissolve and lighten the red marks.Don’t use scrubs as this could tear the skin and please don’t pick at the pimples.

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