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What is a decent amount to spend on one child for school clothes?

I have to go soon. Just was wondering what is the average spent on a child. For an 8 yr old boy by the way.

What is the best way to restore your skin color after getting a tan from the sun?

I work at a park, Lifeguarding. So being that im in the sun, I’ve gotten darker. I didnt want to. I use sunblock spf 45, but it’s not keeping me from getting darker, well maybe a little help. So if anyone have any tips on how I can restore my color, it I would appriciate…

How can I remove pilling from a dress using regular household items?

I don’t want to purchase a special machine or anything. What’s a DIY way to remove pilling?

What is the best mascara on the market today?

I’m looking for mascara that doesn’t get clumpy after a couple of weeks and doesn’t flake. What are your favorites?

How do i find out what my undertones really are so i can choose the right foundation/cover-up for my face?

I wanna choose the right shade of foundation/cover up so i was wondering how do i find my undertones to figure out the right shade? Or is there any other way i can figure out?

What are the best anti blackhead products?

I have blackheads, and they’ve started spreading from my nose to my cheeks and up to my forehead. I want to get rid of them before it gets any worse. Any suggestions?

How can I save the perfume in a cracked bottle before it all leaks?

I have a bottle of perfume (D&G Light Blue) that has cracked and is slowly leaking out. Is there a way to put it in another bottle?Thanks for your answers! I especially liked the decanting details (I couldn’t think of that word to google the options!!) and the nail polish idea. And THANKS for the…

What store would carry a light pink and white striped long sleeved tee for a girl?

Ever since I had this dream where I wore a long sleeved light pink and white striped tee, I’ve wanted one that looks just like it. Does anyone know where they might a tee like this?

What are some good beauty tips you can do at home to help you look your best?

It just hit me that school starts tomorrow and obviously I want to look the best I can. So any tips would be wonderful. Specifically things to make your hair look softer/healthier and skin really soft and clear.

How do I grow my bangs out quickly without buying any expensive shampoo or any vitamins?

I really wanna grow my bangs out to at least side bangs (right now there straight across my forehead) by the end of March.