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What is a decent amount to spend on one child for school clothes?

I have to go soon. Just was wondering what is the average spent on a child. For an 8 yr old boy by the way.

How to curl your hair and have the curls stay?

I have a hot tools curling iron and I love it. The only problem is that the curls don’t last very long. Any tips to make the curls last longer? Products?

What are the best stores to find collared shirts?

I’m starting highschool in the fall and they only allow to wear collared shirts, or shirts with collars. I don’t know what are good stores to find them, especially stores that aren’t like really expensive. I appreciate the help thanks!

What in the world would be the reason for putting a ring in your tongue?

My neice did it and all she did is play with it like it was uncomfortable, besides I fail to see any beauty in it! I am just curious why people do it!

How do I keep my skin smooth and beautiful?

I need to know how to keep my skin healthy and smooth and beautiful. I am more of a light brown and I would really love for my skin to glow! I do have a bit of acne now and then on my face and would really love to make it all go away and…

What age is the right time to start shaving?

I’ve gotten a good amount of facial hair at the age of 13 (not a complete moustache or a beard, but a decent quantity of noticable whickers). I’d like to be clean-shaven, but my dad tells me not to shave until I’m older because the hair will grow a lot faster then. Is he right…

What would you compare the pain of a belly button piercing too?

im getting mine done tomorrow, and im really nervous. ive heard its extremely painful and then just a pinch. any comparisons? and any ideas of how to ease the pain?

What age is appropriate to wear a bikini?

I’m a size 34D (bra size) and I wear bikinis all the time. I just want to know if you think it’s appropriate for me to do so. I’m thirteen and my mom is totally cool with it.