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What is a decent amount to spend on one child for school clothes?

I have to go soon. Just was wondering what is the average spent on a child. For an 8 yr old boy by the way.

What is a good school to study on becoming a professional makeup artist in Atlanta?

I want to study to be a makeup artist. I am a very artsy person and love makeup and fashion. Any makeup artist out there have any suggestions? Thank you!that is what i am doing and asking people who have actually gone through it.

what is the fastest and most efficient way to reduce the apperance of stretch marks?

I recently started getting stretch marks because of weight gain and I am so self-conscience of them. I can’t wear skirts or anything because of them. They are on my hips, inner thighs, and down by my knees. My family is taking a trip to Georgia in June to visit family and I would like…

What is the best way to get rid of pimples quick?

I have two huge pimples on my forehead and they are so noticeable, it’s embarresing. What is the best way to get rid of them? I have never had problems with pimples before.

What is a good product that I can put on my hair before using a straightening iron to reduce damage?

I straighten my hair almost every day but I do not want to damage it so much. I have seen products that you put on your hair before straightening it to protect it from frying. Which of these works really well and is affordable? I don’t really want to spend a lot of money.

What do you think of people who have tattoos? Is it different for girls than it is for guys?

I have this male friend who has alot of tattoos and he loves them, however he thinks girls with tattoos are disgusting tramps. I felt like he was being a hypocrite.

What cosmetic is good to cover lines on the forehead?

I do tan but I love it I just was wondering is there any makeup to make them look less.

How do I keep my makeup from coming off?

I recently got bare minerals makeup (8 piece kit). I’ve worn it once or twice. Whenever I get home after wearing it, it seems like it’s already worn off. I have oily skin and when the makeup wears off, my face is shiny once again.I have graduation this Wednesday. I’ll be in an air conditioned…

What is the apperance difference between diffusing your hair and air drying it?

If you can get pics, that would be great.I have naturally curly hair and I am trying to decide wheather I should diffuse it or air dry it., because I have always air-dried it.