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What is a decent amount to spend on one child for school clothes?

I have to go soon. Just was wondering what is the average spent on a child. For an 8 yr old boy by the way.

How come my forehead look huge in a pic but average in mirror?

Like my forehead looks big in a flashed photo and in the mirror it looks average. My forehead is four fingers including my baby hair. Is it flashing out my baby hair? Does this happen to anyone?

How can I make my round face look sharper?

My face is round and I’m not fat, just that my face looks round. What can I do to make it sharper coz my face looks so big?

How well does professional hair straightening work?

I have very thick hair that frizzes. How long does a staightening last? How much does it cost? Would you reccommend it?

What is the difference between Winter Formal and Homecoming?

What is the difference between Winter Formal and Homecoming? I went to homecoming, and now I want to go to winter formal. Should I wear something more conservative or is there anything I should know? I live in a place where the weather is the same year round, so that doesn’t matter.

How do I get the most clothes for the smallest budget?

I over-did it a bit this year and spent all my money, now I have none left for school clothes. I still want nice things, but don’t have very much. My style is pretty laid back, boho & hippy. Any suggestions for where I could go and what I could get?Also looking for accessories.

How should I care for my almost waist length hair?

I’ve let my hair grow out for several years and I can’t find any products that I like. I’m using Redkin’s Cool moisture now, and I’ve tryed Biolage, Fructis for Long Hair, Pantene, and Paul Mitchel. My hair looks dry on the ends but it hasn’t spit yet.

How do you convince your parents to let you get your tongue pierced?

I want my tongue pierced . My mom says no because she thinks I will regret it and she is afraid of infection . I’ve done all my research she still says no . I turn 18 in 5 mnths . I want to get it this summer before cheerleading and school because I don’t…

How to convince my dermatologist to remove an ugly brown birthmark?

i hate this birthmark. Its ugly disgusting. Sometimes i leave my shirt on when i go to the pool and beach because of it. Can i say i had seen a white halo around it for a few days or something. I don’t care about stitches.I want it gone.

How fashionably legal is it to incorporate brown and black?

Alot of new fashions have been comming out calling for black shirts with brown belts or brown shoes. Some shirts, alone, have brown and black. How do you feel about incorporation of brown and black into a fashion getup?